Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sprocket from Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation

Sprocket is an application from Ubiquity Broadcasting Corp that helps you to interact through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Gtalk along with top media sources such as USA today, the New York Times through a single hub. This application synchronizes all the social media sites instantly. Thus you need to login into all the social media websites through Sprocket and then all the social media websites run synchronously. Before this App there are certain apps in the market which help you interact synchronously but those apps only show chats or certain messages. But this app helps you interact and manage all these social media sites online through single dashboard in which you can run all these sites through single hub. Thus you don’t only have an access to the messages and chats in fact you have access to all the features of a particular website.

Features provided by Connie Jordan-Carmichael in Sprocket:

Sprocket provides you an easy access to all the social media sites.

It provides a special icon which notifies you about updates, top news, brands along with all the other notifications regarding social media sites.

It is possible for an individual to login into all the social media websites via a single login from Sprocket.  You have the ease to interact via Facebook, twitter and Google Plus without cramming the individual passwords for all these websites.

Sprocket from Ubiquity Broadcasting Corp is compatible on Iphone ,Ipad, and android tablets.

Sprocket is known to consume less memory and provides maximum services during run time and also when you are invisible.

Regular and necessary updates are provided by Ubiquity Broadcasting Corp:

All bugs related to connectivity are provided.

Latest news and add ons are provided in this app which runs during visible mode

Excellent designs are used in this application.

Reconnection process is provided.

The development of this app has seen an active participation from Connie Jordan-Carmichael.  Its design consists of series of blades which exhibits all the popular services. And it includes a dashboard which provides the view of that service which is running. And you can change its view according to its services. This app consumes less memory and this app leads you a very fine quality, easy learning and quick running. As per its design, a very good graphical view is provided and it gives you a great experience of using it and through which you can interact and mange online all the services through a single hub. This app is very easy to use and learn.

In invisible mode it runs in background processes any update to your services is notify through icon which shows it’s all updates in services or latest news. This app is all designed to give you a better way to interact and manage through a single hub.

This app shows all the feeds and chats available. You can exchange images, videos and also do group chat with friends. This app has all the features which provide you a better interaction with services and through a single login you can remain updated with all the popular services. You can manage a group chat through which you can interact with the people you want to interact .It helps you to upload pictures and videos. And you can also share these videos with your friends. You can also share your current position with your friends in all the popular services through single hub.

This app helps you to synchronously use all the popular services and provide a great user interface to interact with popular services

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